Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spanish Language School

To get a head start in learning the Spanish language in Spain, one must first find the right and comfortable environment where adaptation will set in. There are a variety of Spanish language schools in Spain that will surely adapt to your learning style and progress. It could be a school in the big city, or a relaxed ambience of the countryside, or perhaps maybe a small town where everyone is familiar and friendly. Wherever the location, a comfortable place is sure to help in hastening you conversational Spanish. To get you started, here are a few Spanish language schools that have different atmospheres to cater to your learning pleasure.

Hispalense Spanish language school, located in Tarifa, southern of Spain was one of the very first language schools in the province of Cádiz when it first opened in 1989. It is most preferred by students who enjoy a laid- back environment by the ocean in a small town, since the beach is only a two-minute walk. They have a standard Spanish course in four course levels (A1,A2,B1,and B2). The intensive Spanish course is almost the same as the standard one, except that it has an additional five private lessons per week. They also have a DELE (diploma of Spanish as a foreign language) preparation course that has three course levels (intermediate, advance I and advance II).They also offer a spanish brush- up course for advanced students to refresh their Spanish. The standard price range is from 165 euros to 4000 euros depending on your weeks of study.

Aula sin Fronteras. Spanish School, located in Almansa, Spain is a small town where the Spanish language was born. What better place to study Spanish than in this La Mancha area on the Castillian plain? The town is a very splendid, a safe place to live in, with all the services and facilities that you may need, even though it is quite small (with about 30,000 inhabitants). You will very seldom meet foreign visitors and so there is no other way to communicate than to speak in Spanish, which will certainly boost your learning progress and even your conversational accent. The courses are divided into four levels (beginning, elementary, intermediate and advanced) and students who enter at an intermediate or advanced level are given a short placement test on the first day of class. The students per level are very small I number, ranging from only one to four students. They offer online classes, family classes’ and one to one private class. The prices range from 250 euros to 1000 euros depending on how long you will be studying.

Carpe Diem Spanish language school is located in the busy, cultural, commercial and social Calle Fuencarral, a street in the center of Madrid, Spain. It is awake at all hours of the day and night, due to the number of shops, cinemas, and theatres and because it is the meeting points of the three most interesting neighborhoods for "night life": Bilbao, Chueca and Malasaña. It is also near the museums, parks and other places of interests for the visitors. The hype of the city will surely help you to use your Spanish during parties, social events or even just during shopping and dining. They offer nine levels of learning (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I, Advanced, Perfection/native Spanish level, D.E.L.E. Básico, D.E.L.E. Superior). Your course options are Intensive course, semi- intensive course, two days per week, evening course and one to one course. The price is 125 euros per week but again, it dependson the course you will take and the length of your study.

Delta Language School is located in Santander, the capital of Cantabria region which is surrounded by magnificent mountain landscapes. There are more than thirty public parks, four big museums, a glorious Cathedral and many open stretches of sandy beaches, which are distinguished by the Blue Flag of the European Community owing to their pristine condition. This friendly city is situated in a privileged natural environment. The city has amazing and relaxed surroundings, with mild weather all year round. As a coastal city, Santander enjoys warm winters and very pleasant summers. If you are looking for the luxuries of life during your study days, then this is your place. The school was founded in 1980 and is a well established school, open all year round. It is a fully accredited school with the reputation of providing a blend of high-level language instruction and a friendly atmosphere. They offer a standard course, extra cultural course, intensive course, Spanish for special subjects (business, tourism, etc.), course for mature people, D.E.L.E. preparation course, and a private course. The price range for this school is 242 euros for standard classes and 460 euros for intensive courses. The price would of course, depend on the length of your study. So get started by finding the right Spanish language schools and enjoy the benefits of speaking this well- renowned language fluently.

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