Friday, August 26, 2011

Online Degrees in Nursing: How Do Online Degrees in Nursing Work?

Have you considered enrolling in one of the many available online degree programs in nursing? Do you need additional information about how online degrees in nursing work, including what you’ll need to get started? Online degrees in nursing have recently become very popular, largely due to the bright career prospects for qualified nurses throughout the country. However, before you commence on one of these programs there are certain qualifications and program aspects you should be aware of. To help prepare you for what you’ll need, in this article we will discuss online degrees in nursing in a bit more detail, including a list of what you’ll need before you enroll and what you can expect once the classes begin.

Online Degrees in Nursing: What You Will Need to Get Started

As the name implies, online degrees in nursing are college degree programs in which the majority—and sometimes the entirety—of the coursework is conducted online. As a result, to be successful in these types of programs, you will need to possess certain equipment and qualifications before you enroll, including:

Personal Computer This could be a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet-style computer to which you have regular access.

Reliable Internet Connection A high-speed internet connection (broadband, DSL, Wireless, etc.) is essential when taking any online nursing degree class.

Email Account An email account is necessary for receiving and sending course information and coursework, however if you do not have one they are very easy to obtain.

Basic Computer Knowledge A basic understanding of how your computer and the Internet operate is essential when enrolling in an online nursing degree program.

Ability to Work Independently. Because the majority of the coursework will be completed online, students must possess the discipline to work independently to meet course deadlines.

While these are the base qualifications and equipment you will need to enroll in an online degree in nursing program, the school or university in which you enroll may have additional requirements, such as the ability to video chat or the ability to run a particular operating system.

Online Degrees in Nursing: How Do The Degree Programs Work?

These days almost every nursing degree, from an associate degree to degree at the doctoral level, is available online. Typically, these programs are broken down into two sections: course work and clinical practice, with the former being conducted over the Internet, and the latter at a medical facility of some type.

For the coursework section of the program, the school or university will generally host its own website, and students will be given a password. With this they will be able to access the site and participate in regularly scheduled activities, such as group chat sessions, video conferencing, lectures and seminars. Between these arranged sessions, students can also access the site to view any course assignments they may have missed and to read and contribute to bulletin board discussions.


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