Friday, August 26, 2011

Want to Learn English in the United States? Some Factors to Consider

Do you need to improve your English language skills, perhaps for use in your profession or to qualify for a degree program in the United States or United Kingdom? Did you know that there are several programs available through which you can learn English in the United States? English language programs in the United States, also called ESL programs, are designed for non-native speakers who wish to learn the English language. Other types of English language programs simply cannot compare to those in the United States, as there is no better way to study the English language than to be constantly surrounded by native speakers. Not only will these programs allow you to learn advanced English language skills, they will also improve your resume and provide you with many opportunities to bask in the American culture.

Learn English in the United States: Some Factors to Consider

While the English language programs in the US are among the best in the world, there are several factors to consider before you make the decision to study here. Some of these factors include:

Location. Where do you want to study? The United States is a very unique country from a geographical standpoint. It features mountains, deserts and oceans; cold weather states and warm weather states; small rural communities and bustling metropolises. Deciding on the location that best suits your interests is one of the first steps prior to enrolling in an English language course.

Class Type What is your preference in terms of class type or size? There are many different types of schools that offer English language courses in the United States. From large, prestigious universities with many students, to smaller colleges and private institutions with fewer students, the US offers many different class options to suit your preferences.

Cost. The decision to study English in the United States can be a very expensive one. The cost of higher education is on the rise in the US and International students typically pay much higher tuition fees than native students, so if cost is a major issue you may want to consider studying at a private language learning institution instead.

Housing. There are many different housing options for international students. For example, if cost is not an issue, as is the case with many students on scholarship, you might prefer to live in an on-campus dormitory or in a private or shared apartment nearby. Those with cost concerns may be able to find a host family to live with—an option that is usually very affordable, if not free that also includes meals.

Credit Transfer. While most major colleges and universities are able to transfer your credits back to your home school, some of the smaller colleges and private institutions may not offer this benefit. It’s important to research this question beforehand, especially if you will need those credits to graduate

As you can see there are many factors to consider before making the decision to study English in the United States. Many of these questions can be answered by simply searching the Internet, but if you need additional assistance, check with your home university to see what resources they can provide you with, including some potential funding resources, as there are many grants and scholarships available for international students.

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