Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are You a High School Study Abroad Candidate?

Are you a high school study abroad candidate? Are you interested in a great adventure—an adventure that will allow you to see the world while earning valuable high school credits? If you’re a student who wants to combine exciting travel with the opportunity to study in a foreign high school, then high school study abroad programs can offer you a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Are You a High School Study Abroad Candidate? A Few Questions

High school study abroad programs are certainly not for everyone, but they are for students who enjoy a challenge and can easily adapt to a change in their routine. If you’re currently pondering an opportunity to study abroad, answer the questions below to see if you might make a good high school study abroad candidate:

· Does the idea of learning how to speak a new language, while studying in a locale where that language is constantly spoke appeal to you?

· Do you enjoy challenges? Studying and living in a foreign country can be an amazing adventure, but unless you are completely open to new challenges—learning a new routine, making new friends, staying with a host family—then high school study abroad programs may not be for you.

· Does the opportunity to learn about other cultures interest you? Studying in a foreign country means that, for a time, you will be totally immersed in a different culture. Students who can appreciate the value of learning alternate perspectives about the world usually thrive in high school study abroad programs.

· Do you like to travel? The world is a vast and interesting place, but sadly, many people will remain fixed in one location their entire lives. If you think you’d enjoy traveling and seeing the world, and you simply refuse to wait until your “golden years” to do so, then high school study abroad programs are perfect for you.

Where Do You Want to Study?

If you’ve decided you would make an excellent candidate for a high school study abroad program, the next step is to choose a location in which you would enjoy studying. High school study abroad programs are offered in an abundance of locations throughout the world, including France, with a famous reputation for academic excellence; Spain, with a more relaxed atmosphere and a number of historical sites to visit; and even Costa Rica, which surprisingly has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Programs are available in almost every county and major city in the world, so take some time to research these areas thoroughly, and select a country that most closely matches your interests.

Researching High School Study Abroad Programs

When researching high school study abroad programs you must first consider your primary motivation for studying overseas. For example, are you looking for a rigorous academic program, language instruction, or do you merely want to visit some interesting landmarks with historical significance? Whatever your reason for wanting to study abroad, use that as your starting point, and it help to dramatically narrow your search results.

As long as you meet the requirements to study abroad, the choice of programs and locations is virtually limitless. And once there, you’re bound to have an exciting and educational experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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