Thursday, September 15, 2011

Educators Scholarship: Financial Assistance for Aspiring Teachers

Have you ever thought of becoming an educator—a teacher with the opportunity to change the lives of your students for the better? If you have, you may be surprised by all the opportunities for financial assistance that are currently available, including many organizations that offer a full educator’s scholarship. In the article below we will list a number of these opportunities for financial assistance, including educator’s scholarship, grants and fellowships, with a brief description of each offering.

Financial Assistance for Educators: Scholarship, Grant and Fellowship Opportunities

AFCEA Educational Foundation

The AFCEA Educational Foundation’s educator’s scholarship is available to students who are actively pursuing an undergraduate degree or teaching credential for the sole purpose of instructing United States secondary school students in mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation

Dedicated to producing exceptional teachers with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the United States Constitution, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship is an educator’s scholarship that is annually awarded to teachers of American History and Government, along with Social Sciences teachers pursuing a graduate level degree. The fellowship is awarded through a national teacher competition held each year.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematic

Each year the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics awards an educator’s scholarship for both elementary and secondary school teachers of mathematics who are pursuing a graduate degree. Teachers of mathematics are underrepresented in many teacher preparation programs, which is why many organizations such as this are so eager to offer these types of educator’s scholarships.

Barbara Latze Educator’s Scholarship for Future Teachers

The Barbara Latze Educator’s Scholarship is for undergraduate students who are either enrolled in, or plan to enroll in a program of physics with the purpose of teaching at the secondary school level.

Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowships

The Woodrow Wilson/Rockefeller Brothers educator’s scholarship is aimed at helping aspiring teachers of color earn their undergraduate degree and certification to teach at a K-12 school. The fellowship is awarded annually and is open to students who are currently enrolled and those planning to enroll in any teacher preparation program.

Lenore Annenberg Teaching Fellowship

The Lenore Annenberg educator’s scholarship is very unique in that it offers recent college graduates AND career changers financial assistance if they agree to work in urban and rural communities with a disproportionate number of disadvantaged youths.

The number and variety of educator’s scholarships is very impressive indeed when compared to the number of scholarships offered to students in other fields of study. This is largely due to the extreme need for qualified teachers in almost every state across the county. If you are either currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or teacher preparation program, OR if you are considering returning to school to pursue a program or degree of this nature, there has never been a better time to do so. New scholarship opportunities are always being added, so for additional information about what is available in your area, you may want to speak to the Financial Aid office at the school you plan to attend.

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