Monday, November 28, 2011

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships

Have you been considering one of the many opportunities to study abroad? Do you need more information with regard to the various study abroad programs and scholarships? Study abroad programs were first introduced after World War II as a way to promote tolerance between countries, and in these early years of the program the opportunities were very limited. Today, however, with almost every country in the world participating in study abroad and student exchange programs, the opportunities are virtually limitless. Study abroad programs have become so popular that many foundations and organizations have begun promoting them by offering scholarships for those students who are willing to participate. To illustrate the diversity of programs and the many funding opportunities available, here we will outline just a few of these study abroad programs and scholarships, along with the details and requirements of each.

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships: Boren Scholarships and Fellowships

The Boren study abroad programs and scholarships are quite unique, and are designed for United States undergraduate and graduate students wishing to become more proficient in the languages and cultures of countries that are somewhat under-represented in many study abroad programs, but extremely important to U.S. interests. Students can choose from a variety of academic programs, ranging from science and engineering to business and the humanities in one of the many countries located in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eurasia and Central and Eastern Europe. The maximum awards for the Boren Scholarships are $20,000, and $30,000 is the maximum prize for the Boren Fellowship.

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships: Fulbright Scholarships

Anyone who has ever been involved with education has undoubtedly heard of the Fulbright study abroad programs and scholarships. These scholarships are made available both to outgoing United States students and incoming foreign students, with award amounts that vary from student to student. The Fulbright program is designed primarily for those individuals who are either presently working in education and research or those who plan to pursue a career in these areas—areas which include university, secondary and elementary teaching, as well as graduate study and advanced academic research.

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships: Global Health Management

Qualified nurses are in very high demand throughout the world, an issue which makes these study abroad programs and scholarships so unique and invaluable. Global Health Management is an international firm that specializes in healthcare design, development and management. The firm is currently offering 10 full-ride nursing school scholarships—scholarships that include airfare, tuition, housing and books—for students willing to study at the Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences International Nursing Program, in Shanghai, China.

These are just a small sample of the thousands of study abroad programs and scholarships currently available. Students who need additional information have many resources available to them—resources that provide the necessary information on the various study abroad programs and scholarships—including International Education Financial Aid, one of the premier sites for students wanting to study in a foreign and country; and, a site that lists all of the available grants, scholarships and bursaries for study abroad programs.


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