Sunday, November 27, 2011

Study Abroad Programs: A Few Helpful Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Experience

Have you recently considered applying to one of the many study abroad programs that are currently available? Could you use some helpful hints to help make this experience a bit more enjoyable? Each year, thousands of students pack their bags, heading to one of the many participating foreign countries involved in the various study abroad programs throughout the world, and for most of them, this journey will be the experience of a lifetime. In fact, some students have enjoyed their travels so much that they have participated in study abroad programs multiple times. This turns out to be rather fortunate for you, because based on their experiences, many of them are now offering up some helpful tips for the newcomer—some of which are listed below.

Study Abroad Programs: Choose the Program You Want

If you’ve already considered participating in one of the many study abroad programs, odds are you have checked out what your college or university has to offer, but the question is did you find what you were looking for? Sadly, many students who want to study abroad believe they are limited by the choices available through the specific college they attend—a selection which can often be rather limited, depending on the college. This is not always true. There are hundreds, even thousands of study abroad programs offered every year, and with such a large selection you’re almost certain to find one that not only matches your academic area of interest, but the locale you’d prefer to visit as well. Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime, and you don’t necessarily have to choose a program through your own college just for the sake of convenience.

Study Abroad Programs: Get Involved—with the Locals

A sad fact about many study abroad participants is that they tend to form clicks and associate primarily with other “exchangers” from their own country. This will only limit your study abroad experience. Instead, try to become involved with people in your host country. This could mean joining a club, participating in a new sport, or simply hanging out at the coffeehouse that is often frequented by the locals. This will give you opportunities to learn their customs, traditions and language, which will make your study abroad experience more enjoyable and culturally fulfilling.

Study Abroad Programs: Go Alone

Another tip from experienced “study abroaders” is if you plan to participate in one the many study abroad programs, plan to go alone, leaving your friends, family and even your significant other at home. Bringing someone with you will almost always force you to take time away from the real reason your there: to experience the people and culture of another country. This may be uncomfortable, even frightening initially, but once you get involved with your fellow students you’ll be glad you traveled alone.

Study Abroad Programs: See the Sights

Finally, wherever you decide to travel, whether you go to Europe, Asia, Australia or anywhere else, make time in your schedule to see the wonderful sights the country has to offer. This could include museums, landmarks, parks, art galleries, architecture and restaurants, along with the landscapes that make your host country so interesting and unique.

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