Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Things about Studying in Abroad

Almost every child in the world dreams of this mad freedom once in a while (especially the well-sheltered ones or those with parents who find it hard letting go). If you’re old enough or soon attending college, what better way of an excuse for independence than quality education? The only thing parents will never refuse to is for the good future of their children to materialize or come to life. And a person’s success is not only based intellectually or spiritually but most important of all, experience.

Freedom is just the sugar-coating of the situation. Come to think of it though, it’s not actually running from who you are or where-you-belong loophole, it is really actually about the “good future”. Many have tried studying abroad and had an immediate job-landing that suits their expertise very well. Many successful, some… very successful!

Now, what is it with studying abroad that really, “makes-it-happen”? That’s a question you’re going to really think of while you are on that airplane ride to Spain for college (or whichever country based on your college course for that matter).

Since we are already talking about Spain, let me tell you briefly why I think it is the country where most of the young-curious minds longs to wander. Besides from Spanish is already usually taught to students in middle-school, the country’s culture is very rich! Its landmarks will take you to a different time in place. Whether we go down to discovering their lifestyle, language and arts or just simply taking time to read about their history and conquerors, there’s always something that’s going to light a fire in you.

Going back to why it seems that it is far better to study away than here or there.

Because there are countries that are concentrated for certain kinds of interest, it really does make it better to study there.

For example, you are an aspiring fashion designer and you really want the best place to hone your ability, what better place it is to be for an alma-matter than New York or Paris, don’t you think? Besides that they have teachers and mentors that are really the best (I heard that famous designers sometimes drops by to lecture), it is a place where fashion events are held more than birthdays are. Actual and first-hand experience is the best tool in understanding.

Finally, we can talk about “real-life experience”.

I think it is really admiring when people can speak two or more languages. Not because they are good enough to know them but because you know they have been to places that required speaking differently. Also when you talk to people that just arrived from somewhere else, it is not how it was that you envy in them whenever they start telling stories, but the things that have changed them to who they are today.

Those simple moments not money can buy but those things that are keeping you there, in the same place. It’s the people. It’s the culture, it’s the country and it’s the difference – difference of the place and the difference of who you are slowly becoming, a more mature and well-rounded person.

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