Friday, April 29, 2011

What to Expect: the Journey Studying Abroad will Bring

Studying abroad these days have been made easier for the present generation. If financial assistance is what you need and you know you’re good enough, there’s a huge amount of scholarship grants being given away every year. Scholarship grants from all over the world, from prestigious schools and even the not-so ones. Of course, they are not just being given away. You really have to “do” good to qualify. You don’t have to be super-extra-mega smart to get it (because if you think you do, trust me, scholarships are a waste of time, universities themselves will be the ones knocking out your front door). Now, I didn’t mean that as an insult. What I wanted to tell you is, scholarships are being given to those that are not only gifted in the brain but much more also to those that are very determined about what they really want to be in the future. In short, scholarships, not only for the gifted brains but more so likely, determined hearts.

Online guides too are a big help in choosing schools abroad. There are a lot of websites in the internet that has hundreds of connections to universities all over the world. It’s where you can choose a country, enter a city, put your desired college course and they would show you a list of universities and colleges that specializes or is available to the said course. They feature scholarships too, what a coincidence! Bottom-line is, they showcase every help you could ever need and if that doesn’t satisfy you to what you want, I don’t know what will.

Another one that’s made it easier is its widespread occurrence to people. Many have been going around; studying away and you can use their experience as a base to what you can expect to happen when you’re there.

One thing to expect is “loneliness”. Maybe it is because of language barriers, focused too much on studying (especially the ones with scholarships), no group of friends because of race or gender or just typically really shy. What you need to do is to really go out there and enjoy the moment, talk to anyone, act like you don’t care at all and be yourself, the friendly-outgoing one. Otherwise, you’re going to waste the chance that’s been given to you and instead of it being a very special journey or phase of your life, it will be like hell everyday living alone.

The last thing you need to remember in choosing a university or college abroad is you have to want and love where you’re going. You’re going to live in there for four years or so and if you don’t like it there, that’s going to be a big problem for you. It doesn’t have to be the most prestigious university in the world; it doesn’t have to be Harvard, Juilliard, Princeton or Oxford. It just has to be where your heart is set at and where you feel you deserve to be. That way you can wake-up every morning contented and ready to learn and to be stressed but still sociable and onset.

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