Friday, April 29, 2011

Studying Abroad is All up to You

The mere vision of leaving can really scare anyone. It is hard to leave things you’re used to or the things you grew up living with. Making the choice between staying and leaving was never easy. You sure are going to miss “everyone”. You’re going to miss your parents, your pets and maybe you’re best friend who is staying or even a lover perhaps. But do you think it would change a thing between you and your relationships with your loved ones if you leave or stay?

Your parents will always be your parents wherever place you might be at. Well, as for your pets, they’re really going to miss you if you live but hey, they’ll be fine (as long as the one you left them to keeps them alive). I believe your best friend or even friends will always be what they are to you and vice versa. They might find new people to be with, but that certainly doesn’t erase what you’ve been through together. As for your lover, well, it’s sort of a test you see. They always said in those Women’s Magazines that “long-distance relationships are hard” to deal with. If you really do love each other, you’ll both make things work, if not, and then maybe it wasn’t really meant to be (like they always say). If you’re concentrating on one thing in a place faraway from home, it’s better to cut connections that are distractions in achieving the point of this process you are being through.

What kind of “leaving” are we really talking about that makes it all so serious anyway? Yes, you guessed it right, studying in abroad!

A lot of people have been going through this: decision making, leaving loved ones, getting ready and just enjoying whatever life might serve them.

But doesn’t it excite you to be in a place you’ve never been?

Studying well is just the thing you have to be serious about. Rest is bonus. You get to tour the new country you’re at (oh seriously, you have to), meet new people (staying friends with the ones that has the same race as you won’t hurt but being friends with as many people is better, who knows? You might even get nominated for most popular), learning everything this place has to offer you and being one with them. These things are priceless, more than anything else.

Well what change would it make if you study at your local college and study in another country?

It is the same reason why parents send their kids away for college, good quality education (even better perhaps). It’s the specialty of the country university you are aiming for. It’s the jewel they are so much proud of you wanted to get around with and honestly it will be good for you to experience something like that.

Some countries, they are better in medicine (course). Some in culinary arts like France. Many in the engineering side and the rest are for me to know and you to find out.

You can find good universities anywhere. You can study wherever you want. You can find many good teachers that’ll teach you not only about the course you are taking but also the way of life. But at the end of the day, it is you that’s going to decide. It’s still you who has to set your mind to what you want tomorrow to be. It’s all up to you.

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